LUANAR AquaFish Center of Excellence

AquaFish Center of Excellence Fostering Innovation and Entreprenuership in Fish Value Chain.

AquaFish ACE II Scholarships

Full and Partial Scholarships for Innovative Ideas open to all Countries. Female students are encouraged to apply

LUANAR Aquafish ACE Staff and students Exchange

Promoting the Exchange of Innovative Ideas, Skills and Technology.

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Welcome to ACE - AQUAFISH

The Africa Centre of Excellence (ACE II) has two centres of excellence in Malawi Aquaculture and Fisheries (AquaFish) with Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) and ACEPHEM in the University of Malawi’s – College of Medicine. The Africa Centres of Excellence (ACE II) in Malawi was officially launched in March of 2017 with the support from the World Bank...

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Study at LUANAR

Selection and admission of students into the University is through the LUANAR’s University Council and the process is free from political interests.

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Aquafish ACE Scholarship

AquaFish ACE then awards either full or partial scholarships to those who have been already given admission letters, based on merit and at the same time ensuring gender representation.

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Short Courses

The AquaFish ACE, being a regional training center offers tailor-made entrepreneurial and skills development training short courses across the Fish Value Chain. Besides the centre offering such courses, its staff and students also are open to internships for retooling and skills development outside the centre...

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Our Students

There are more than 10,000 students from different countries currently studying at the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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Are you looking for an exceptional education in an environment which values individuals for who they are? LUANAR might be the place for you.

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Our Programmes

AquaFish ACE awards either full or partial scholarships to students based on merit and gender under the following programmes.