24 Nov, 2017

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A copy of the ISFM project DVD
As the world is advancing in communication technology and digital stories are now becoming part of the deal, the Capacity Building for Managing Climate Change in Malawi (CABMACC) at LUANAR doesn’t want to be left out in this massive exodus from the traditional forms of communication to digital stories.

CABMACC, under the Programmes Coordinating Office at LUANAR, has produced a DVD video for the Integrated Soil Fertility Management (ISFM) project that is taking place at Ulongwe EPA in Balaka district.

The video is an aid to encourage farmers to adopt and use climate smart agriculture practices such as conservation agriculture, best fit legumes and good agriculture practices in general.

In an interview with LUANAR media, leader of the ISFM project, Professor Vernon Kabambe, said the main reason for developing the DVD was to incorporate both farmer and professional voice in the message transmission. “Farmers are encouraged to hear from their peers while at the same time hearing professionals confirming the same,” said Prof. Kabambe.

The video, which is already out, has been used in Ulongwe EPA where the project is taking place and has been shown to over 350 project participating farmers. The extension workers in the area were also given a copy so that they should freely use it as well. However, Prof. Kabambe said they will make it available to everyone who might need it.

“The video is disseminating best fit technologies, or already released technologies (DVD’s). If demand is expressed, the project can provide copies to stake holders.” He said.

Commenting on the impact the DVD will have, Prof. Kabambe said field crops will have better resilience to climate variation, especially dry spells, hence there will be better yields and farmers will have the ability to raise their food and income levels if the video encourages them to adopt climate smart agriculture practices.

CABMACC seems to be settling in digital story telling as they are planning to come up with yet another video early next year. “This season we are developing another video focusing on in-situ rain water harvesting technologies best fit for the area (Ulongwe). This will be ready in February 2018,” said the professor.

CABMACC is implemented by LUANAR through the Programmes Coordinating Office with funding from the Royal Kingdom of Norway and government of Malawi.

Written by Isaac Songola