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Our Students

LUANAR is committed to developing inclusive environment for all students. We welcome enquiries from...


Are you looking for an exceptional education in an environment which values individuals for who they are? LUANAR might be the place for you.Our Admissions office is always available to...

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# Full Name Position Contact Email
2 Kadzongwe Andrew Associate Lecturer
3 Kalonga Ledson Associate Lecturer
4 Malinda Estone Associate Lecturer
5 Mnyanga Masautso Associate Lecturer
6 Nazombe Kennedy Associate Lecturer
7 Nkhata Mwabuke Associate Lecturer
8 TSUKULUZA Deborah Associate Lecturer
9 Yakobe Stephano Forest Guard
10 Kamundi Elijah Lecturer
11 KAMOTO Ida Lecturer
12 ADAMSON Kennedy Lecturer
13 Mdolo Principal Lecturer
14 Mtethiwa Jean Lecturer
15 GONDWE Jimmy Lecturer
16 MBOMA Emmanuel Lecturer
17 MLEWA Rodrick Lecturer
18 Kavwenje Sheila Lecturer (Irrigation)
19 Sibale Davis Lecturer (Irrigation)
20 Chiwoko Jean Mushroom & Spawn Attendant
21 Corner Ponyadira Senior Lecturer
22 MLANGENI Angstone Senior Lecturer
23 Chaima Evance Senior Lecturer
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