Dr MLANGENI Angstone
About Dr MLANGENI Angstone

Angstone Mlangeni is a senior Lecturer (2016 - to date) and Head of Department of Land and Water Department (2020 to date) at LUANAR. Angstone initially trained as duo specialist in education and chemistry, holds a B.Ed. (1995-2000) from UNIMA, an MSc in Environmental Science (2008-2011) from UNIMA, a Postgraduate Diploma in Instructional Technology (with distinction) from Mzuzu University and a PhD in Chemistry (2015-2019) from University of Aberdeen, UK. Angstone has enjoyed the opportunity of using his skills to support the wider university community in teaching and management of training. His research is concentrated on quantification and speciation of heavy metal(loid)s in agricultural soils and food to improve quality and yield of food crops and he has published over 14 scientific articles. Angstone has previously successfully designed and implemented smallholder rice farmers project with grants from RISA-2018.
Area of Expertise include the following: Environmental and analytical chemistry Plant-soil interaction analyses Analytical method(s) development and validation Metal(loids) analyses in water, soils and plant materials and food Metals and compounds speciation
Research interest include the following: Determination of metal(loids) content in underground water, soils and plant materials in areas associated with mining. Evaluating quality and safety of local imported food stuffs. Developing and evaluating agricultural practices that limit bioaccumulation of carcinogens in cereals and vegetables. Developing methods for determination of emerging pollutants. Science and evaluation of soil amendments. Bioaccumulation metal(loids) analyses in Plants and humans
contacts e-mail address: contact phone: +265 (0)993 395 343 or +265 (0)889 511 822 Postal address: Faculty of Life Sciences, P O BOX 143, LILONGWE, MALAWI