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Bunda College Library
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Bunda College Library
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Bunda College Library
Bunda College Library
Bunda College Library

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Where is the Library?

The library is located at the center of the College. Mkungudza hostel is to its north-east, Basic Science department to its east, and Lecturer Theatre to its south.

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How do I access library materials?

Your Student Card is a multi-purpose card:

  • you use your card to borrow books and other items from the Library.
  • it identifies you as a LUANAR student.
  • and you use your card to get your monthly upkeep "SACCO" at LUANAR.

Look after your student card! If you lose your card, report the loss immediately to the Loans Desk staff so that they can prevent anyone else from using it to take out books in your name.

Never lend your student card to someone else. This is against University rules! It could land you with hefty library fines incurred by the person using your card.
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When is the library open?

View our Opening Hours

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How do I take out a book?

Just take the book to the Loans Desk together with your student ID card and the Loans Desk staff will issue it to you. The date when you must return it will be stamped on the date sheet at the front of the book.

How many books may I borrow at a time?

Undergraduates may borrow up to 6 books (General Collection) for 21days and 2 books (Short Loan) for 2 hours.

Postgraduates may borrow up to 8 books (General Collection) for 21 days and 2 books (Short Loan) for 2 hours.

Can I renew my books?

Yes, you can renew your book loans by:

Take the book and your student card to the Loans Desk and ask for the book to be renewed.

Note: If another library user has requested one of the books you have out, you will not be allowed to renew that book.

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Can I request a book that is on loan to someone else?

Yes, you can request books that are out on loan … it’s really easy. Just get the details of the book and consult the Loans Desk staff on duty.

Where and when must I return books?

The date when you must return your books will be stamped on the date sheet at the front of the book. You return your books to the Loans Desk where they were issued to you.

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Are there fines for late returns?

Yes, we must ensure that our books are equally available to all, so library users who fail to return their books on time will be fined. Ordinary books incur a fine of MK500.00 for every day they are late.

Short Loan books are in heavy demand, so they incur heavier fines. For these books, the fine is MK100.00 for every hour (or part of an hour) they are late.

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What is “Short Loan”?

The Short Loans Centre is a section of the Library where we keep books and other items that are needed by large numbers of students.

To ensure that these books are accessible to everyone who needs them, they are issued out for short loan periods, usually 2 hours, or overnight.

Short loan books are kept behind the counter in the Short Loans Centre. To take a book out, just ask for it at the Short Loans' counter.

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Can I borrow journals?

Most of our journals are e-journals–you can access them on the internet via our Journals Tab, and download, save, or print the articles.

A smaller proportion of our journals are in print format. Undergraduates may not borrow print journals, but you may photocopy articles from them.

Postgraduate students may borrow bound journals for three days.

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Can I photocopy stuff?

There is a printer and photocopier to your right at the entrance. You pay for the services.

How much may I copy?

Stay on the right side of the law! To comply with the Copyright Act, a good rule of thumb is: never copy more than one article from a journal issue, and never copy more than 1 chapter (or 10%) of a book.

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What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the act of copying ideas, words, images, or other creations, and passing them off as your own. If you use another person’s words or ideas in your assignments or essays, you must acknowledge the original author and indicate the work from which you took the material. This is known as referencing. There are many different conventions for referencing and creating bibliographies—e.g. the Harvard referencing style, the APA referencing style, the MLA referencing style, etc.

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