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Once selected, and have paid semester fee, you will need to apply for a study visa from any Malawi Embassy. As a study visa takes several weeks to obtain, we recommend that you pay the required fee at least six weeks prior to your departure. Those coming from SADC countries need not to apply for a visa to Malawi. (provision in LUANAR prospectus).

Travelers who want to travel Malawi can apply for the visa through this link. The applicant can get their visas after providing the required details and making an online payment.

The e-Visa system will inform you through email after your visa application is submitted. After the necessary processing, the decision will be made on approval of the application. Once your visa is approved, you will receive an email and approval letter. The Visa approval letter must be shown to the Passport control counter at ports of entry for verification. A copy of e-Visa approval letter is mandatory before travelling to Malawi.

Family and dependents of international students

Post-graduate students can bring their spouse and children to Malawi. Like new students, dependents will need to apply for dependent visa status, which carries certain visa requirements and restrictions.

Change in Visa status

Visas and immigration records may also need to be changed if you take a break in your studies, require an extension, or lose immigration status due to a violation.
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