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The office of the Dean of Students Affairs is responsible for the following tasks and works hand in hand with the Assistant Registrar (Student welfare), Wardens and the House Keeper.

Overseeing student accommodation and catering services. Coordinating student’s extra curricula activities. Coordinate students’ health and counselling. Educating students on registration. Attending to the general student welfare services. Attending to student’s disciplinary matters. Ensuring cordial relations between and among students in the Hall of Residence. Directing students on whom to approach on specific issues including academic matter. Directing housekeeping operations in assigned University buildings ensuring effective and efficient housekeeping services which maintain appropriate quality standards. Maintaining university hostels and supplies. Ensuring that there is adequate manning, supplies and equipment for subsequent performance of duties to maintain appropriate quality standards. Recommending and implementing solutions for operational problems in work schedules, non-routine service, personnel utilization and nonscheduled jobs. Recommending and implementing policies and procedures for University housekeeping operations; plan and conduct meetings with subordinates to ensure compliance with established practices, to implement new policies and to keep employees abreast of current standards and procedures. Developing and implementing an on-going building inspection program; ensure housekeeping standards are maintained; take corrective action as appropriate. Evaluating and making recommendations concerning cleaning products and equipment.


Once students come to LUANAR, the first step to their journey of studies is participation in the Orientation Program. What students do during the very beginning of their first semester of university life can set the foundation for the period of stay at the University. For this reason, LUANAR dedicates two weeks of orientation into the various aspects that would form part of students’ lifestyle. The Orientation program is designed to make that transition easier. We want each student to settle down and adjust to the new environment with ease. During this time you will be given a student handbook/code of conduct which you can also access through our website. The hand book will guide you on rules and regulations that you will be required to follow as a student at LUANAR. The office of the Director of Students Affairs is committed to assisting you begin your journey at LUANAR successfully.


As is mostly the case in universities worldwide, LUANAR students have their own governing body. This is led by a President, seconded by the Vice President. The members include: Secretary, Treasurer Director of Academics, Publications Director, Entertainment Director, Male Social Welfare Directors, Female Social Welfare Directors, Sports Director, Speaker and Vice Speaker.In-order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to its members, there was need to establish a constitution for the student union. Membership is open to all students, however, interested members of staff and alumni may become associate members of the Union after the approval of their application by the Executive Council of the governing body following payment of an annual subscription laid down by the Union.Members shall be required to pay an annual subscription fee, the amount of which shall be determined by the Executive Council upon approval of the union from time to time.


All successful candidates should note that, they are required to find and pay for their own accommodation and meals.

However, government sponsored candidates shall be paid a monthly allowance each semester of an academic year on pro rata basis to carter for their accommodation and meals.

Candidates who would like to stay on campus should apply for accommodation and, if accepted, they will be required to pay the University for the same.

sCandidates are advised that University accommodation is limited and shall be allocated based on the university criteria which can be sought from the office of Director of Students Affairs.


The University through the office of Director of Student’s Affairs will offer professional and impartial information and advice to current and prospective students on:

Discretionary and statutory funding Eligibility criteria and how to apply for funding Advice on money management and budgeting Individual one to one appointments for students who want to take control of their finances and develop their budgeting skills Funding opportunities you can apply for Student loan and repayment Funding for disability costs or childcare costs. » Bank accounts and bank loan.


At LUANAR there is a full range of clubs, societies and organizations. Clubs have been offering sporting opportunities for student cohort for many years. Membership is open to students, staff and alumni. Sporting clubs compete in local, regional, and international competitions; recreational clubs conduct adventure activities in unique and exciting environments; Clubs cater for the novice and the experienced, and foster new friendships that can last a lifetime. They also organize social Clubs and Societies activities that you will talk about for years to come. The association’s main objectives are to develop a sporting culture amongst students, to enhance sporting competition among student members, to promote high standards of sporting achievements among members and to develop skills and values such as team work, co-operation, fair play, sharing, self-esteem, respect for rules, leadership, discipline, self-respect and confidence.


Fountain of Victory Ministry University Students Association of Mangochi Assemblies of God Bunda CCAP Students Organization Bunda SDA Club First Love Fellowship Bunda Society of Anglican Students Bunda Students Charity Club Bunda SCOM Aquaculture and Fisheries Organization Students for Rural Youth in Development Captured in Glory Ministry Bunda Environmental Club United Christian Congregation Bunda Agribusiness Society
Believers Gathering Bunda Agriculture Education Association Bunda Catholic Students Organization Pentecostal Holiness Association Students Gathering Christ Embassy (Bunda Believers Loveworld Ministry) Crop and Soil Science Club Winners Campus Fellowship History Makers Bunda Agriculture Students Club Bunda Muslim Student Association Raised for a Purpose Ministry Forestry Club Church of Christ Youth for Environment and Sustainable Development


Welcome to the University Health Service. We aim to provide a confidential service to support your physical and mental wellbeing. On the University campuses, there are fully qualified and experienced medical staff available We provide:

Advice and support concerning asthma, diabetes and epilepsy. Advice, counseling and support concerning contraception and pregnancy Advice and treatment for examination stress. Information on Travel vaccination. Sexual Health information and referrals. Assessment and Treatment of minor injuries and ailment. HIV Testing and Counselling. Each student is encouraged to apply for a UNIMED Card and the forms are available at the campus clinic.


LUANAR is committed to developing inclusive environment for all students. We welcome enquiries from prospective students with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, sensory impairments, mobility difficulties, medical conditions or mental health concerns. We encourage students to disclose any disability or medical condition to ensure that appropriate support is arranged for them.


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The University has banking facilities; students can open bank accounts, and access other banking services
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