SEXUAL MISCONDUCT AND HARASSMENT INFORMATION: Click here for the latest information


Any student of the University who commits acts of misconduct or otherwise contravene any University rule, regulation, procedure, policy, standard of conduct or orders may be liable to one or more disciplinary measures which shall include, but shall not be limited to the following:

  • 29.1

    Warnings and Reprimands:

    Written reprimand and warning which include a statement that continuation or repetition of the specific misconduct or other contravention will result in one or more of the more serious disciplinary sanctions, including restitution, suspension or dismissal.

  • 29.2


    Financial or other compensation for damage or other loss of property and for injury to persons or institutions.

  • 29.3

    Withdrawal from Halls of Residence:

    Eviction of the student from the halls will be in line with the agreement form signed.

  • 29.4


    Termination of any entitlement to a scholarship or other award for a specified period.

  • 29.5


    • 29.5.1

      Compulsory withdrawal of a student from the University for such period and upon such conditions as the Vice Chancellor may impose.

    • 29.5.2

      Any student found guilty of malicious damage of property, arson or attempted arson, threat to life and bodily harm by the Students' Disciplinary Committee shall be suspended immediately pending further disciplinary action.

    • 29.5.3

      Any student who is suspended shall be re-admitted at the end of their suspension period.

  • 29.6


    • 29.6.1

      Termination of a student's enrolment in the University.

    • 29.6.2

      Students who are dismissed from the University or any public University shall not be re-admitted to pursue any studies within the University.
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