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  • 27.1

    The Chairperson of the Students' Disciplinary Committee shall regulate proceedings in a manner as simple and informal as possible within the procedural regulations which is best fitted to do substantial justice.

  • 27.2

    The Students' Disciplinary Committee shall conduct all disciplinary hearings in accordance with the principles of natural justice and shall more particularly ensure that every student charged with misconduct or other breach of these regulations shall be:

    • 27.2.1

      informed of the charge or charges that he/she has to answer and the details of the charge or charges not less than three days before the commencement of the proceedings relating to the charge or charges;

    • 27.2.2

      furnished with a full and fair opportunity to respond to the allegations of misconduct or breach of regulations as are made against him/her;

    • 27.2.3

      permitted to present any relevant facts or call any competent witnesses to testify on his/her behalf;

    • 27.2.4

      permitted to be present at all stages of the proceedings save when the Committee is deliberating upon its decision on the matter;

    • 27.2.5

      informed in writing of the verdict of the Vice Chancellor on the charges and the reasons for that verdict as soon as is practicable.

  • 27.3

    Voting shall be by a secret ballot.

  • 27.4

    Decisions of the disciplinary hearing will be made based on a simple majority vote of the committee.

  • 27.5

    A notice to a student summoning him/her to appear before the Committee shall be contained in a letter addressed to him/her and advising him/her of the hearing:

    • 27.5.1

      the place at which he/she is to attend the meeting.

    • 27.5.2

      the date and time : provided that the date shall not be less than 3 days from the date of such notice.

    • 27.5.3

      particulars of the offence he/she has to answer.

    • 27.5.4

      his/her right to call witnesses to attend and give any relevant testimony on his/her behalf before the Committee.

  • 27.6

    A member of the Committee, who has a close relationship with the accused shall not participate in the Committee proceedings.

  • 27.7

    The Committee shall find a student to have breached the Rules on either the Student's own admission or when it has been proven so at the conclusion of the hearing.

  • 27.8

    If the Committee determines that the student has violated the University rules, regulations, procedures, policies, standards of conduct or orders, it shall then determine the appropriate sanction to be imposed. When determining the appropriate sanction, the Committee shall review the evidence presented at the hearing, time wasted in the hearing, gravity of the matter and the students past record of conduct at the University.

  • 27.9

    No litigation shall be commenced with respect to matters that are under consideration by the Students Disciplinary Committee.

  • 27.10

    Within 10 workings days after the conclusion of a Students Disciplinary Committee hearing, the Secretary shall submit to the Vice Chancellor through the Chairperson a full report that includes the conclusions of the Committee on whether the charges relating to the hearing are proved and, where they are, recommendations on the penalty to be imposed on the offending student.

  • 27.11

    In deciding on the disciplinary action, the Vice Chancellor shall review thoroughly the report from the committee and shall make a decision within 5 working days.

  • 27.12

    The final decision of the Vice Chancellor shall be communicated to the student and subsequently be published on the official Notice Boards and sent to the parents or guardians of the student.

  • 27.13

    The verdict of the disciplinary hearing will be communicated to the student in writing within 48 hours after the Vice Chancellor has made a decision.
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