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  • 25.1

    Any student shall appear before a disciplinary committee if they violate any of the University Rules and Regulations.

  • 25.2

    There shall be a University Students Disciplinary Committee which shall be responsible for considering cases of misconduct.

  • 25.3

    The Students Disciplinary Committee shall comprise the following members:

    • 25.3.1

      The Vice principle of each college or his/her appointee, who shall be the Chairperson of the Committee

    • 25.3.2

      The Registrar or his/her appointee shall be the Secretary and an ex- officio member of the Committee;

    • 25.3.3

      One Head of any academic department of the University;

    • 25.3.4

      The Advisor of the Students' Council;

    • 25.3.5

      Two representatives of the Executive Committee of the Students Council. In the case the whole Council is involved, any four independent students. In both cases they shall be nominated for the purpose by the Deputy Vice Chancellor on case by case basis considering their closeness to the accused; and

    • 25.3.6

      One member of staff of the University who shall be co-opted into the Committee from time to time on account of his/her special expertise or knowledge related to the subject matter of the disciplinary hearing which shall include either male or female warden

  • 25.4

    Once the Deputy Vice Chancellor has received a report of indiscipline, he/she shall make a decision on whether the matter should be brought before a disciplinary hearing within 15 working days.

  • 25.5

    If the matter is of serious nature, the Vice Principal of either college shall make a recommendation to the Vice Principal for immediate suspension before a disciplinary hearing is held, in any case within the 15 working days.

  • 25.6

    The Vice principal shall determine the penalty to be imposed on any student who is found guilty of misconduct or any other violation of these Regulations, taking into account the recommendations of the Students Disciplinary Committee. The disciplinary committee shall recommend to the Vice Chancellor for consideration and approval any penalty to be imposed on any student who is found guilty of misconduct or any violation of these contents

  • 25.7

    Students shall in their own individual capacity or as College Students Council not be allowed to bring a fellow student for disciplinary hearing. Even when they do; the student in violation of the rules and regulations shall not be deemed to have gone through a disciplinary hearing process. This shall be deemed as a mere reprimand and/or caution to the student who shall still be required to appear before a duly constituted disciplinary hearing.

    A standing committee will be constituted for one academic year as per appointment
    This committee will comprise of:

    The Vice Principal
    The College Registrar
    1 Dean
    1 Head of Department
    1 Coopted Staff
    2 Union Members
    1 Advisor
    1 Warden
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