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There are various forms of behavior about which it is impossible to frame precise rules, but which are nevertheless of such kind that they are likely to bring the University into disrepute or would discredit the good name or are prejudicial to the peace, good order and good governance of the University.

Any such conduct within or outside the precincts of the University will be considered a breach of discipline and will be punishable as such, whether or not it attracts the attention of the Police. Acts of misconduct shall include, but not limited to the following:

  • 24.1

    Playing of any instrument at loud volumes that may inconvenience others.

  • 24.2

    Conduct that intentionally obstructs or disrupts teaching/learning or freedom of movement or other lawful activities on the University colleges.

  • 24.3

    Mobilising or inciting others to engage in any unlawful activity, which mobilization or incitement leads directly to such unlawful conduct on any college of the University.

  • 24.4

    If a group of students with common intention commits any offence each member of the group shall be held liable for such offence regardless of the fact that only one or more of the students in the group can be identified.

  • 24.5

    Malicious damage or misuse of property whether such property is located on or outside the premises of the University, including, but not limited to vandalism, interference with electrical fittings, unauthorized use of telephones, water and electricity in all college facilities.

  • 24.6

    Theft and receiving or concealment of property with knowledge or reasonable suspicion that it has been stolen.

  • 24.7

    Defaming staff or fellow students through a false publication that injures or causes the plaintiff severe damage and wrong usage of social media that subjects others to character assassination, intimidation, harassment in various ways is an offence.

  • 24.8

    Failure to attend, without valid reasons, a meeting of the Students Disciplinary Committee when summoned to do so in writing by the Secretary of the Committee.

  • 24.9

    Withholding information that would assist in the proceedings of any hearing by the Students Disciplinary Committee. Refusing to testify while holding vital information shall also be disciplined, this includes victims who refuse to testify or withdraw a case.

  • 24.10

    Willful obstruction of the work or proceedings of the Student Disciplinary Committee or interference with witnesses or evidence.

  • 24.11

    Failure to abide by the ruling, decision, and penalty made or imposed by the Student Disciplinary Committee or any other Committee of Senate.

  • 24.12

    Trespassing on University property or property that belongs to or is in the lawful possession or control of any other student, member of staff or visitor of the University.

  • 24.13

    Physical abuse of any person, or conduct intended to threaten imminent bodily harm or to endanger the health or safety of any person on or outside the university college.

  • 24.14

    Unlawful conduct of a sexual nature including, but not limited to: rape, sexual assault, or sexual harassment; indecent exposure or behavior; production or distribution of pornography; prostitution or loitering for the purpose of soliciting; or engaging in any unlawful act or conduct.

  • 24.15

    Conduct on the University college constituting a sexual offence, whether forcible or non-forcible.

  • 24.16

    Gaining unauthorised access to any electronically held data, or network, or programme, or any other form of computer hacking, or the deliberate transportation or creation of any form of computer virus, worm, Trojan or keystroke logger.

  • 24.17

    Using University resources to access offensive sites such as pornographic sites.

  • 24.18

    Use of abusive and inappropriate language amongst students and to staff is unacceptable.

  • 24.19

    All forms of academic misconduct, including but not limited to, cheating, fabrication, plagiarism or any other form of academic dishonesty as may be further specified by the University Senate.

  • 24.20

    Forgery, alteration, or misuse of any University document, record, key, electronic device, or identification.

  • 24.21

    Any act which:

    • 24.21.1

      Constitutes a breach of the University Act or Statutes or rules and regulations.

    • 24.21.2

      Interferes with the governance or proper administration of the University.

    • 24.21.3

      Is an offence under Laws of Malawi

      Fighting, bullying and intimidation
      Damaging, defacing, graffiti, vandalizing college property i.e. furniture, water taps, glass panes etc.
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