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  • 22.1

    University transport may be used for approved trips by the organizers of any student association affiliated to the University students' council at such charge as the Registrar may determine from time to time.

  • 22.2

    The patron of any student association or organization or his/her appointee shall accompany members of the association or organization on all trips.

  • 22.3

    All requests for use of transport must be submitted in writing to the Registrar through the Transport Officer at least two working days before the date of the proposed travel.

  • 22.4

    Any request for the use of University transport shall be made using a form in Appendix 4 which shall include the following:

    • 22.4.1

      The destination and purpose of the journey.

    • 22.4.2

      The date and time when the transport will be required.

    • 22.4.3

      The expected date and time of return.

    • 22.4.4

      The full names and registration numbers of students travelling on the trip.

    • 22.4.5

      The full name, registration number and signature of the organizer of the trip who shall be responsible for hire and payments to the Director of Finance before the trip is made.

    • 22.4.6

      Name and signature of the Patron.

  • 22.5

    The Registrar shall not approve the use of transport by members of any association or organization unless the Chairperson or President of the association or organization that requests such transport signs an undertaking to be held responsible for any damage or loss caused during the trip by any conduct of any member of the group and any act committed by any person on the trip which might bring the name of the University in to disrepute.

  • 22.6

    Members of the executive committee of any organization or association that is granted permission to use transport shall ensure that the vehicle provided is not overloaded and no driver employed or hired shall drive any vehicle if it exceeds its prescribed maximum number of passengers.

  • 22.7

    The student's council in liaison with the organizers of any trip shall ensure that the University vehicles are not vandalized.

  • 22.8

    No passenger on any vehicle of the University shall ride on its top or windows or doors or in any manner that is hazardous to the safety of the passenger or other passengers or contrary to the law.

  • 22.9

    Any student who violates any law during the course of a trip shall bear personal responsibility for such violation; provided that the organizers of the trip may also bear responsibility as prescribed by the law.

  • 22.10

    The Registrar shall not authorize the use of University vehicles for travel by students to political functions.

  • 22.11

    No student shall consume alcohol in any vehicle owned or hired by the University.

  • 22.12

    Where University vehicle is not available, Students travelling on University business shall use most convenient public transport. Any damage incurred during the time a certain body of students was using a University vehicle shall be borne by that group
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