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While the Malawi constitution allows for freedom of expression and the press, every individual's freedom is constrained by legal and ethical considerations. Publications must therefore observe the following Code of Ethics so that they inform the community fairly and truthfully.

  • 21.1

    All Student publications shall expressly state on their editorial page that the opinions therein expressed are not those of the University.

  • 21.2

    All student publications shall disclose the authentic names of their editors and authors.

  • 21.3

    Any student publication shall before it is printed, published or distributed be approved by a patron who shall be any member of staff approved by the Vice Chancellor

  • 21.4

    In the presentation of news and comments in any student publication, there shall be no willful departure from facts through distortion, significant omissions, undue summarization or exaggeration.

  • 21.5

    Rumour, unconfirmed news and comments in any student publication should be clearly identified, distinguished and presented as such.

  • 21.6

    Every student publication shall check, as far as practicable, the accuracy of a news item before publication.

  • 21.7

    Any student publication shall publish as facts only that which is reasonably believed to be true, having regard to the source, and such facts shall be published fairly with due regard to their context and importance.

  • 21.8

    Headlines shall reflect fairly the content of the news report or article over which they appear.

  • 21.9

    No student publication shall publish obscene, defamatory, salacious or pornographic content.

  • 21.10

    No person shall post or remove any official notice from any notice boards at any premises controlled by the University without the permission of the authority in charge of the notice board in question.
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