SEXUAL MISCONDUCT AND HARASSMENT INFORMATION: Click here for the latest information


Individual students must maintain responsibility for their own decisions and actions regarding the use of alcoholic beverages and narcotic substances and should be prepared to accept the consequences associated with any violation of University rules, state and local laws.

  • 18.1

    No person or group of persons shall sell, serve alcoholic beverages or nicotic substances assist any other person to sell or serve liquor on the University colleges unless the requirements of all applicable laws on selling and consumption of alcohol have been complied with; and permission to sell or serve, as the case may be, has been granted by the Registrar.

  • 18.2

    All liquor outlets that are on college shall abide by all applicable laws regulating the selling and consumption of alcohol.

  • 18.3

    liquor outlets shall be required to operate within a specified number of hours per day as prescribed by the University from time to time.

  • 18.4

    A student shall not willfully cause or attempt to cause another student to be intoxicated on the University college.

  • 18.5

    A student shall not have any alcoholic drink at, or bring any alcoholic drink to, any event where the University, or an authorized agent of the University, has prohibited the sale or serving of alcoholic drink.

  • 18.6

    No minor shall possess or consume alcohol on any premises under the control of the University.

    Being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is not an excuse for misbehavior.
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