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The provisions contained in this section confer privileges not entitlements.

  • 17.1

    In the event of death of a student on College while school is in session, the University shall, in liaison with the family, provide a standard coffin to carry the remains of the deceased to his/her home as indicated on his/her student registration form.

  • 17.2

    All lectures, seminars, tutorials, laboratory sessions and other academic activities on the college in which the deceased was registered shall be suspended for the day on which the burial occurs.

  • 17.3

    In the event of death of a student while school is in session, the University may provide transport to a limited number of students to accompany the body of the deceased on its repatriation to his or her home.

  • 17.4

    When a student dies during recess, the University shall not bear any responsibility for any arrangements or costs in relation to the funeral of the deceased student.

  • 17.5

    Every student escorting the remains of a deceased student or attending the funeral of a deceased student shall be expected not to engage in any conduct that brings the University into disrepute and should complete a form that he/she has gone away from campus stating the reason.

  • 17.6

    Every Open and Distance Learning, City Campus or week end classes student who passes on (dies) when the university is in session; the University shall not bear any costs (transport, food or coffin) for the funeral; except for staff attending the burial. Parents and/or guardians are responsible for the student death arrangements.

  • 17.7

    Pursuant to section 17.5; students must make sure that their students records are duly completed and updated with names and contacts of their next of kin.

  • 17.8

    A student who falls sick while on campus; the university shall endaevour to bring the student to the university clinic that's for Bunda and NRC resident students. For ODL and City campus students; the University shall provide transport to the nearest health facility
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