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  • 15.1

    Any student, who absents himself or herself from academic activities for a period of 14 continuous calendar days within any given semester, shall be withdrawn.

  • 15.2

    All students are required to seek permission from the office of the Dean of Students' Affairs or students' welfare office who shall inform the relevant lecturer, Head of Department and Faculty Dean for their absence from any academic activities.

    Any student wanting to seek medical assistance outside the College should seek a written approval from the clinic, thereafter an exit form shall be filled with the attached medical approval shall be left at the Dean of Students Affairs office.

    Any student wanting to leave campus for personnel issues should as well sign the exit form before leaving campus.

    Groups of students traveling outside campus for either university activities or personal activities shall be required to fill exit forms and attach list of names of students' phone contacts and name of responsible student to manage the group.
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