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  • 11.1

    Every student has the right to have direct access to the office of Dean of Students' Affairs

  • 11.2

    There shall be a Dean of Students' Affairs, who shall have the mandate to promote and oversee the welfare of students in the University. He/she shall be responsible for coordinating and liaising with other officers of the University, including the Registrar, Wardens, Clinic Personnel and Counsellors.

  • 11.3

    The Dean of Students' Affairs shall have the following specific duties:

    • 11.3.1

      Counselling students;

    • 11.3.2

      Providing academic support services to students;

    • 11.3.3

      Liaising with employers on career and placement services available to students;

    • 11.3.4

      Registering students' clubs, societies and associations in collaboration with the students' councils;

    • 11.3.5

      Advising students on available financial aid schemes;

    • 11.3.6

      Assisting students experiencing emergencies, social and health problems, including providing assistance to students with disabilities and, facilitating the provision of services to students with serious medical and health conditions;

    • 11.3.7

      Advising individual students or group of students or student organizations on recreational activities.

    • 11.3.8

      Working with the Administration on matters relating to accommodation and housing of students;

    • 11.3.9

      Coordinating programmes dealing with student exchanges;

    • 11.3.10

      Providing consultation to faculty and administration on a wide range of issues pertaining to students.

    • 11.3.11

      Preside, decide and met disciplinary actions to students on minor student misconducts.

    • 11.3.12

      Evict students from university accommodation based on misconduct and hostel agreement forms signed.

  • 11.4

    Deputy Dean of Student Affairs

    • 11.4.1

      Coordinating with wardens on student affairs

    • 11.4.2

      Overseeing student accommodation

    • 11.4.3

      Coordinating student's extra curricula activities

    • 11.4.4

      Coordinate student health and counselling in liaison with the Dean of Student Affairs

    • 11.4.5

      Plan and conduct career days with students

  • 11.5


    Counselors shall provide counseling, consultation, outreach and education to LUANAR students, faculty, and staff. The aim is to facilitate student's academic success, personal development and promote a culture of positive mental health, at LUANAR.
    In addition, counselors will:

    • 11.5.1

      Conduct student counselling in liaison with the Dean of Students Affairs

    • 11.5.2

      Obtain, organize, develop and implement activities, publications, fliers etc. that will assist in counselling students, faculty and staff.
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