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  • 10.1

    General Conditions

    • 10.1.1

      All halls of residence are the property of the University which has the prerogative to allocate any room to any student in accordance with prescribed criteria

    • 10.1.2

      Priority shall be given to first and fourth year students, International students, students with disabilities and those who have health problems and in possession of a medical report will be accommodated on college.

      Selection of accommodation will be randomly done to those who have applied online. A computer software will be used to select and allocate students names in rooms. Special attention/consideration will be given to International Students, disabled and the sick who have valid medical reports and verified from the University clinic to support their cases.

    • 10.1.3

      The University reserves the right of admission to all Halls of Residence and shall inspect them at any time.

    • 10.1.4

      The University reserves the right to expel from their room any student who abuses or misuses a room in any Hall of Residence.

    • 10.1.5

      Every student shall complete a residency agreement form (Appendix 3) before occupying the room.

    • 10.1.6

      Any student who suffers injury, loss, discomfort or any other adverse consequence resulting from the conduct of any other student which infringes these Regulations should report the matter to the hostel representative to resolve. If the problem persists, the matter should be taken to either the Warden, Dean of Students' Affairs for appropriate action.

    • 10.1.7

      Students who are allocated University accommodation shall remain in residence for the full duration of the academic year unless they are withdrawn from the halls of Residence.

    • 10.1.8

      Any student who is allocated University accommodation shall not be permitted to accommodate any other person in the allocated accommodation or to sublet the whole or any part of the students' Halls of Residence for financial consideration or otherwise.

    • 10.1.9

      No student shall operate a grocery or sell alcoholic beverages, drugs or any of its kind in any hall of residence.

    • 10.1.10

      Every student shall at all times ensure that lights, irons, any naked flames and any device or substance that may reasonably be expected to pose a fire hazard is switched off, extinguished or otherwise disabled immediately after use and not left unattended at any time.

    • 10.1.11

      Cooking is not permitted in any of the halls of residence unless in designated areas.

    • 10.1.12

      All students have an obligation to care for all University facilities and shall be liable to compensate the University in full for any damage or loss caused to University property. Damage caused to rooms or facilities in the rooms shall be presumed to have been caused by the resident to whom such a room has been allocated unless the contrary is proven. Where more than one student shares a room, responsibility for any damage or loss caused shall be shared equally amongst them unless there is clear evidence that only one of them caused the damage or loss.

    • 10.1.13

      No student shall hold a party in any hall of residence. No part of any other University buildings or facilities may be used for a party unless this is specifically permitted in writing by the Registrar

  • 10.2

    Visitors to Halls of Residence

    • 10.2.1

      No student shall host any person in a room in any hall of residence at any time between 10.00 pm and 10.00am.

    • 10.2.2

      Students found in rooms of the opposite gender after 10.00 pm will both be evicted from the hostel, students residing outside the hostel shall lose the chance of being accommodated on campus.

    • 10.2.3

      Selling of rooms and exchange of bed space without proper procedures is not allowed and is inappropriate behavior and will attract a disciplinary action.

    • 10.2.4

      Every student shall be responsible for informing their guests and fellow students; of the Students' Rules and Regulations and will be held accountable for any breach of the regulations or other inappropriate conduct by their visitors.

    • 10.2.5

      Any student repeating failed courses or on suspension shall not be allowed to reside in a hall of residence

    • 10.2.6

      Students who have gone through disciplinary and found guilty shall not be allocated in halls of residence.

  • 10.3

    Residence during Vacation

    • 10.3.1

      No student shall be permitted to reside in halls of residence during the period between the end of one semester and the beginning of the next unless such residence is required to carry out or take part in specific tasks recommended by the college and approved by the Registrar.

    • 10.3.2

      Any student who is permitted to reside in a hall of residence in the period between semesters in accordance with Regulation 10.3.1 shall be bound by these regulations.

    • 10.3.3

      Failure to comply with the rules and regulations that apply to the hall of residences shall lead to immediate eviction from halls of residence

  • 10.4

    Hall of Residence Representatives

    • 10.4.1

      Every hall of residence shall have a Hall Representative.

    • 10.4.2

      A Hall of residence representative shall be elected under the supervision of the Dean of Students office by the residents of each hall of residence and shall have the responsibility to coordinate activities pertaining to the general welfare, domestic relations and discipline among students in the halls of residence and to represent the residents of his/her hall of residence in their contact with the college administration and other stakeholders.

    • 10.4.3

      Halls of residences representatives shall have a 50% subsidy on their rentals.

  • 10.5

    The Wardens

    • 10.5.1

      Every college with halls of residence shall have wardens whose mandate shall be to oversee activities in the halls of residence and discharge specific duties which shall include, but not be limited to those related to the following areas of student life:

    • 10.5.2

      General welfare of all students

    • 10.5.3

      Discipline of all residents

    • 10.5.4

      Domestic relations between and among students in the hall.

    • 10.5.5

      Awareness of who to approach on specific issues including academic matters.
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