SEXUAL MISCONDUCT AND HARASSMENT INFORMATION: Click here for the latest information

For LUANAR, international students are those who are neither citizens nor permanent residents of Malawi. International students are an integral part of LUANAR and we have invested a lot of time in reviewing how best we can improve international student’s welfare at the University. Interaction of students from diverse backgrounds creates a unique and dynamic environment for learning and sharing life experiences.

LUANAR is in an exceptional position to admit the most accomplished and promising students from around the world. In reviewing applications, we consider grades, standardized test scores, comprehensive exam predictions or results, essays, recommendations, independent work, and the quality of your current academic program as well as the potential to excel in LUANAR. LUANAR is committed to providing services and creating a supportive campus environment which accelerates academic success and personal development within a diverse community of students.

For more information and further assistance please contact the international desk through the following email and you will be gladly assisted.

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