Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Management

Semesters of Study
Years of Study
Entry Requirements


2 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
Habitat Ecology and Management (NRM221)23.00
Biodiversity Conservation (ENV223)23.00
Botany (AGN222)23.00

3 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
Tree Improvement (FOR322)12.00
Ecotourism Business and Marketing (NRM316)12.50
Environmental Toxicology (ENV315)13.50
Hydrology and Agrometeorolgy (IRE311)13.00
Fish Nutrition and Feeds (AQF313)13.00
Water Resources Management (NRM322)22.50
Population Environment and Resources (ENV322)22.50
Ecosystem Management (NRM324)23.00
Watershed and Wetlands Management (NRM323)23.00

4 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
Environmental Simulation Modeling (ENV413)13.00
Forest Pathology (FOR411)12.00
Environmental Management (ENV415)12.50
Environmental Impact Assessment (ENV414)13.00
Pasture and Range Management (ANS422)23.00
Natural Resources Management Research Project IV (NRM420)22.00
Land Use Planning (AGE424)22.00
Natural Resources Industrial attachment (NRM400)23.00
Water Supply and Sanitation (AGE422)22.00
Forest Economics (FOR414)23.00