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Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

Semesters of Study
Years of Study
Entry Requirements


1 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
Communication skills I (LDC111)13.50
Physics (NPHY111)13.00
Biology (NBIO111)15.00
Introduction to HIV Infections and AIDS (HSC111)13.00
Mathematics (NMAT111)13.50
Chemistry (NCHE111)15.00
Computer Applications (NCAP111)11.50
Biology II (BIO121)23.50
Mathematics II (MAT121)23.50
Chemistry II (CHE121)23.50
Communication Skills II (LDC121)23.50
Physics II (PHY121)23.00
Computer Applications II (CAP121)22.50

2 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
General Ecology (ENV212)13.00
Entrepreneurship I (ABM213)12.50
Introduction to Environmental Science (ENV211)13.00
Statistics for Natural Resource Management (FOR212)13.00
Biochemistry I (BSC211)14.50
Indigenous knowledge in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (ENV213)12.50
Introduction to Ecotourism (NRM211)12.00
Microbiology (BIO211)13.00
Environmental and Physical Geography (IRE226)23.00
Biodiversity Conservation (ENV223)23.00
Pollution Science (ENV221)23.50
Principles of Soil Science (SSC221)23.00
Atmospheric Science (ENV225)23.00
Sampling and Analysis of Environmental Data (ENV224)23.00

3 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
Innovation Systems in Environmental Management (ENV314)13.00
Environmental Research Project I (ENV310)10.50
Environmental and Ecological Mathematics (ENV313)12.00
Applied Research Methods and Technical Writing (FOR316)13.00
Ecosystems Management (ENV312)12.00
Environmental Toxicology (ENV315)13.50
Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing (FOR311)13.00
Environmental Analytical Chemistry (ENV311)13.50
Environmental Economics (ENV325)23.00
Solid Waste Management (ENV321)23.50
Watershed and Wetlands Management (NRM323)23.00
Climate Change Sciences (ENV324)23.00
Environmental Research Project II (ENV320)20.50
Landscape Ecology (ENV323)23.00
Population Environment and Resources (ENV322)22.50

4 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
Environmental Research Project III (ENV410)11.00
Environmental Simulation Modeling (ENV413)13.00
Environmental Education and Communication (ENV416)13.00
Agriculture and Environment (ENV412)13.00
Environmental Management (ENV415)12.50
Environmental Policy and Law (ENV411)12.50
Environmental Impact Assessment (ENV414)13.00
Environmental Research Project IV (ENV420)22.00
Project Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation (AAE424)23.00
Land Use Planning (NRM425)23.00
Environmental Attachment (ENV400)23.00
Environment and Development (ENV423)23.00
Water Supply and Sanitation (AGE422)22.00
Water and Waste Water Treatment (ENV422)23.50
Human Resources Management (ABM422)22.50
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