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Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering (Honors)

Semesters of Study
Years of Study
Entry Requirements


1 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
Engineering Science I (AGE31101)13.00
Introductory Chemistry I (CHE31101)13.50
Introduction to Computer System (CAP31101)12.50
College algebra (MAT31101)13.50
General Biology I (BIO31101)13.50
English for Academic Purposes I (LDC31101)13.00
General Biology II (BIO31201)23.50
Trigonometry and Introductory calculus (MAT31201)23.50
Engineering Science II (AGE31201)23.00
English for Academic Purposes II (LDC31201)23.00
Introductory Chemistry II (CHE31201)23.50
Engineering Drawing (AGE31202)21.50

2 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
Introduction to Statistics (STA32101)13.00
Soil and Water Conservation (AGE32104)13.00
Introduction to Environmental Engineering (ENE32101)13.00
Organisational and Managerial Communication (LDC32101)13.00
Surveying I (AGE32103)13.00
Engineering Mathematics (AGE32102)13.50
Workshop Practice and Technology I (AGE32108)11.50
Construction Drawing (IRE32101)12.00
Thermodynamics (AGE32206)22.00
Civil Engineering Procedures & Quantity Surveying (IRE32201)22.50
Surveying II (AGE32203)22.50
Environmental microbiology (BIO34101)23.50
Electricity and Electrification (AGE32202)22.50
Construction Methods (IRE32202)22.50
Workshop Practice and Technology II (AGE32208)21.50

3 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
Statics and Strength of Materials (AGE33102)13.00
Engineering Research Projects I (ENE33100)10.50
Engineering Professional Practice (AGE33104)12.00
Hydrology and Agrometeorology (IRE33101)13.00
Soil Mechanics and Cultivation (AGE33103)13.00
Environmental Chemistry (ENV32201)13.00
Design & Analysis of Experiments (AGN33102)13.00
Environmental Modelling (ENE33203)23.00
Instrumentation and Control Systems (AGE33205)22.50
Computation Methods in Irrigation Engineering (IRE33202)22.50
Principles of Water and Waste Water Treatment (ENE33202)23.00
Ground Water Hydrology (ENE33201)23.00
Engineering Research Projects II (ENE33200)20.50
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing (IRE33206)23.00

4 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ENV34104)13.00
Engineering Research Projects III (ENE34100)10.50
Environmental monitoring and control (ENE34102 )13.00
Environment and Natural Resources Governance (NRM34105)13.00
Engineering Economics (AGE33204)12.00
Pollution Control and Management (ENE34101)13.00
Geotechnics (IRE34103)13.00
Human Resources Management (ABM34202)22.50
Water Supply and Wastewater Engineering (ENE34202)22.50
Engineering Research Projects IV (ENE34200)20.50
Structural Design (AGE34206)23.00
Sustainable Urban Planning (ENE34201)23.00
Land Use Planning (AGE34204)22.00
Solid Waste Management (ENV33201)23.00
Environmental Health and Safety (ENE34203)22.50

5 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
Engineering Internship (ENE35101)110.00
Engineering Design Project I (ENE35102)13.00
Cleaner Production Techniques (ENE35103)12.00
Dissertation (Honors) (ENE35100)13.00
Design, Operation and Optimization of Constructed Wetland (ENE35205)23.00
Disaster Risk Management (ENE35206)22.00
Industrial Waste Abatement and Management (ENE35203)22.00
Transportation Engineering (ENE35204)23.00
Engineering Design Project II (ENE35202)23.00
Renewable Energy Engineering (AGE35202)23.00
Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Design (ENE35201)23.50
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