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Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Enterprise Development and Microfinance

The program aims at creating Business managers for any sector competent in development, analysis and managing of business organisations with added skills for the microfinance and cooperative sector

Semesters of Study
Years of Study
Entry Requirements
The normal entry requirement is Malawi school Certificate of Education (MSCE) or IGCSE O level or its equivalent with at least six (6) credits including English, Mathematics and science subjects. A-level to join in second year of study.

The mature entry requirement is MSCE or IGCSE O level or its equivalent with at least four (4) credits including English and Mathematics. Certificate in business studies and other diplomas ( year 2). Relevant diploma from an accredited institution of higher learning.


1 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
Chemistry (NCHE111)15.00
Computer Applications (NCAP111)11.50
Communication skills I (LDC111)13.50
Physics (NPHY111)13.00
Biology (NBIO111)15.00
Introduction to HIV Infections and AIDS (HSC111)13.00
Mathematics (NMAT111)13.50
Introduction to Psychology (EXT121)22.00
Business Mathematics (ABM122)23.50
Communication Skills II (LDC121)23.50
Physics II (PHY121)23.00
Chemistry II (CHE121)23.50
Computer Applications II (CAP121)22.50
Biology II (BIO121)23.50
Mathematics II (MAT121)23.50

2 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
Introduction to Financial Accounting (ABM211)13.50
Introduction to Business Enterprises I (EDM211)12.50
Agricultural Economics I (AAE211)12.50
Principles of Management (ABM214)12.00
Statistics for Economists I (AAE213)13.50
Entrepreneurship I (ABM213)12.50
Introduction to Microfinance (EDM212)12.50
Agricultural Economics II (AAE211)12.50
Introduction to Managerial Accounting (ABM221)23.50
Microfinance Theory and Practice (EDM222)22.50
Agricultural Economics II (AAE221)22.50
Introduction to Livestock Management (ANS223)23.00
Introduction to Business Enterprises II (EDM221)22.50
Organisational Behaviour (ABM226)23.50
Principles of Marketing (ABM224)22.50

3 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
Research Methods for Social Sciences (AAE315)13.50
Business Law (ABM313)13.50
Business Finance (ABM312)12.50
Agribusiness Management Research Project I (ABM310)10.50
Econometrics I (AAE316)13.50
Entrepreneurship II (ABM317)11.50
Agricultural Trade Theory and Policy (AAE325)22.50
Market Research in Microfinance (EDM321)23.50
Econometrics II (AAE322)23.50
Entrepreneurship III (ABM324)21.50
Agricultural Economics Research Projects I (AAE320)20.50
Commercial Law (ABM323)23.50
Agricultural Value Chain Finance (EDM322)22.50

4 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
Introduction to Strategic Management (ABM416)13.00
Environmental and Resource Economics (AAE412)12.50
Food and Agricultural Policy Analysis (DEC414)12.50
Agribusiness Management Research Project III (ABM410)11.00
Performance Management in Microfinance (EDM413)13.00
Microfinance Risk Management (EDM412)13.50
Agribusiness Management Research Project IV (ABM420)12.00
Microfinance Product Design (EDM411)13.00
Computer Application in Microfinance (EDM423)22.50
Human Resources Management (ABM422)22.50
Gender and Development (HSC424)22.00
Agribusiness Management Industrial Attachment (ABM400)23.00
Financial Markets Operations and Institutions (EDM424)23.50
Project Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation (AAE424)23.00
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