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The Agriculture virtual faculty was established following the setting up of the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources. The Faculty has been a pioneer and very instrumental in the training of frontline workers for various Government departments, Non-governmental organisations and the private sector. The training is highly hands on and practical so that the graduates from the programs possess competences that will enable them to be self-starters and entrepreneurial in their thinking.

Currently plans are underway to formalize the Faculty with supporting Departments that will offer various degrees, diplomas and certificates. The Virtual Faculty has two Departments namely Agriculture and Natural Resources. These two departments manage and implement 1 Degree program in Food Technology and the following Diplomas: Agriculture, Agriculture Education, AgroFood Processing, Animal Health & Production, Environmental Management, Food Nutrition & Livelihoods Security, Horticulture, Irrigation Technology and Land Administration.

The Faculty is responsible for curriculum development and review for all programs offered, research and consultancies, community outreach. The Faculty is also implementing numerous projects in the communities surrounding the College as part of their social corporate responsibility.

Faculty Vision

A leading and self-sustaining agriculture, environment and natural resources management centre of excellence within Malawi and beyond.

Faculty Mission

Providing practical client-oriented quality training, consultancy and research services in agriculture, environment and natural resources management to achieve food security and reduce poverty for sustainable social-economic development through strategic linkages with stakeholders, state-of-the-art technologies, highly competent and motivated personnel and financially viable strategies.

Faculty Dean

Limbikani Matumba

Faculty Deputy Dean
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