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The Faculty is organized in 6 departments namely: Crop and Soil Science Department, Agricultural Engineering Department, Department of Horticulture, Animal Science Department, Basic Sciences Department and Veterinary Medicine (Prospective Faculty of Veterinary Medicine). These departments offer various degree programs as listed in Table 1 with the exception of Basic Sciences Department. The Basic Sciences Department is there to provide services to other departments at Bunda College of Agriculture in the teaching of basic and fundamental sciences. These include Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Applications, Microbiology, Biochemistry, and Biometry. Staff members from the department also assist in teaching other courses from sister departments. Some of these courses are pollution science, thermodynamics, gender studies, desktop publishing, management of information systems and other similar courses

Faculty Vision

The Facultys vision is to become a leading hub in innovation, research, and professional training in agriculture and bio resource engineering

Faculty Mission

The Facultys Mission Statement is to provide high quality tertiary training and generate technologies for the industry and farming sector through teaching, collaborative research and consultancy in agricultural sciences and bio resource engineering in order to contribute significantly to food security, poverty alleviation and environmental protection.

Faculty Dean

MWALE, Vincent Mgoli

Faculty Deputy Dean

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