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LUANAR staff development and exchange program provides enormous professional and personal development opportunity for staff to learn and build a network of international peer with partner universities. LUANAR through the international desk provides all the necessary support to staff visiting from partner universities via the staff exchange program. Staff development exchanges include:

  • Staff from LUANAR takes a role at another partner university for a few months

    LUANAR collaborates with its partner universities by sending its staff members for career development and knowledge sharing. Prospective participants submit proposals addressing how their visit to partner universities would assist them in their current position, what they would gain from international professional development, and how the experience can enhance their future service to LUANAR.

  • LUANAR hosts a staff from another university who will also continue to work for his / her university

  • LUANAR receives staff from partner universities on a visit aimed at enhancing own professional development and sharing of culture, language and work experiences.


We encourage our staff to visit partner institutions and participate in teaching and training mobility. Applications are received once a year for the following academic year. An official letter regarding the application call is sent by the University Registrars office on behalf of the faculty or centers to all departments.


If you are interested in staff exchange both for training and teaching, you can contact the International desk, which will send your request to the appropriate center or faculty. International desk:


LUANAR also grants an opportunity to students to do their research or study to partner universities via an exchange program. As the name implies, such a scheme is based on the formal exchange of students between two partner universities, with one student from the first university being swapped with another student from the second university.

Whatever your interests, the opportunity to spend a semester or a year at another university in another country is one that you should grab with two hands. The different cultural view, not to mention the exposure to another way of learning will add great value to your University experience.


Students from LUANAR through ACE-Aquafish Exchange students with a partner university in Germany to conduct a research in Germany on their masters degree.

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