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The Dean of Students affairs (DOSA) office

The Dean of Students affairs (DOSA) office is responsible for the overall functioning and performance of student welfare services on four campuses: Bunda, ODL, NRC and City campus. The office provides day to day leadership and direction with respect to policies, practices, systems and operations in student engagement/campus life, and counseling services.

The office also provides and initiates academic and social guidance to students facing challenges.

It ensures quality standards of engagement, handles complaints, grievances and appeals and also performs other duties as needed. This section of the institution contributes to the universitys success as it offers input in the student constitution and student rules and regulations.     RTP Live

Student Support Services

Provides direction and supervision including support for students who are struggling academically and socially while respecting their confidentiality. This includes support through guidance and advice to students in need.

Develops key collaborative relationships with campus administrators, faculties, and other departments to enhance planning and implementing strategic initiatives, resolving issues, and responding to crisis incidents.

Students Welfare

In a nutshell, the student welfare office plans, organizes, directs, and administers activities and services that support students in assigned areas while ensuring this is within their budgetary limits. ?It develops, implements, monitors, and reviews tactical and operational plans, procedures, systems and support in accordance with the universitys strategic goals (policies, procedures and regulatory requirements).

It Provides students with wide leadership skills by involving them in different welfare roles through students unions. The students welfare office coordinates with faculty, staff, and community partners in order to support, provide and/or facilitate activities that ensure that the university achieves its student leadership development, and engagement goals. Ultimately, the Dean of Student Affairs Office is concerned with the physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing of students in both their social and academic life.
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