National Steering Committee

The National Steering Committee (NSC) is an umbrella body coordinating ACE II activities for the 2 centers in Malawi. It is above the Project Steering Committee. NSC meets twice a year to give overall guidance to the centres for smooth implementation.

Mandate of NSC

  1. Expected to provide guidance and oversight to its selected ACEs
  2. Oversee implementation on a regular basis
  3. Receive and review results achievement and expenditure reports

Specific Tasks

  1. Undertake annual performance and progress reviews based on the signed performance and funding agreements and provide constructive feedback.
  2. Oversee audits (approval of terms of reference for the annual audit, monitoring of required follow ups on recommendations outlined in the annual audit report).
  3. Monitor overall progress of the project implementation with a particular focus on achievements, delays, problems and bottlenecks).
  4. Promote good practices in project implementation among and beyond the selected ACEs. For the working procedures and working conditions see the attached “Terms of Reference of the National Steering Committee (NSC)
  5. Recommend changes to the project operation manual and decision to be considered by the RSC.

NSC Members

  • Mr Justin Saidi (SEST – MoEST- Chair for NSC)
  • Mr. B. Botolo (ST-Lilongwe)
  • Mr. G. Nyandule Phiri (Secretary for Agriculture - Lilongwe)
  • Dr. Charles Mwansambo (Chief of Health Services - Lilongwe)
  • Professor Kanyama Phiri (VC - LUANAR)
  • Dr. P. Mipando (Principal - COM)
  • Dr Samson MacJessie Mbewe (DHE Lilongwe)
  • Mr Anthony Muyepa-Phiri (DG National Commission for Science and Technology - Lilongwe)
  • Dr. Rex Harawa (Blantyre - Global House, Kristwick)
  • Mr. Faizal Aboo (Chambo Fisheries - Limbe)