Key Partners

World Fish

World Fish is a CGIAR centre that has a long working relationship with LUANAR in the areas of research and capacity building. World Fish will assist in the areas of fish genetics, aquaculture systems management, social development and equity including gender, innovation system development, Geographical Information System (GIS) application to fisheries management, and fish and human nutrition.
The private sector plays a role in curriculum review, implementation of post-graduate programmes, internship and research, as well as serve in the steering committee. The public sector will be critical in the review and development of new programmes and short courses to align them to government priorities, as well as mobilizing stakeholders.

Soyabean Innovation Lab (SIL)

LUANAR partners the Soyabean Innovation Lab (SIL) a Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Soybean Value Chain Research and development with support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). SIL is hosted by the University of Illinois, Food and Agribusiness Management.
The SIL works to reduce global poverty and hunger by accelerating growth in the agriculture sector through improvements in agricultural productivity among smallholder farmers. The SIL brings further innovation in ACE II and supports the feed and laboratory equipment and internships for ACE II students.

Regional Universities Forum for Agricultural Development (RUFORUM)

LUANAR is partnering with the Regional Universities Forum for Agricultural Development (RUFORUM) will participate in mobilizing and networking stakeholders in the university and research (National Agricultural Research Organizations, including fisheries) entities in the Eastern and Southern Africa region.
These stakeholders are important for impact-orientation, linking to labour market, leveraging additional resources, feeding back into the university curricula and graduate training programmes. They will also be key on the advisory role and ensuring sustainability beyond the project life.


LUANAR partners with the private sector players such as MALDECO. MALDECO is the largest commercial fishing and processing company in Malawi and thus the largest single supplier of fish in Malawi. The annual catch amounts to over 70% of the total commercial catch and about 7% of the total Lake Malawi catch, which fluctuates between 26,000 tonnes and 47,000 tonnes annually.
The partnership creates opportunities for research and development. MALDECO will provide from its experience knowledge to inform research question needs. Further and more importantly the ACE II students will have opportunities for the internships for postgraduate students.

University of Eldoret (UoE)

n ACE II, LUANAR is collaborating with the University of Eldoret (UoE) in Kenya. The University is Science, Agriculture and Technology based and has grown steadily from the initial Schools of Forestry and Science to the current 9 schools with 34 academic departments and a student population of above 14,000.
Teaching and non-teaching staff number over 1,300. UoE is key. UoE will also participate in curriculum development and/or reviews. UoE supports identification and hosting of students and academic staff UoE also provides space and equipment for aquaculture and fisheries research.