How we Work



The AquaFish Centre puts emphasis into ensuring that the program delivery improves and strengthen quality of knowledge that postgraduate students must acquire to accelerated development in poor resource settings.



LUANAR has a great track record of research. ACE II will support LUANAR and the AquaFish ACE to provide for a favorable environment for student research to generate knowledge.



ACE II through the AquaFish ACE is deliberate in ensuring that gender is factored in its programs. The AquaFish ACE targets 40% representation of females engaged and benefiting from the project.

The secretariat, which comprises of the Director, Deputy Director, project Officer and Secretary works in consultation with the core team (see our team). It is responsible for the project coordination including day to day running of the Center. The Project Steering Committee has membership from all key partners with AquaFish as secretariat and performs the advisory and guidance role to the Center’s secretariat, and support monitoring and evaluation of activities.

Further coordination is provided by the technical committee comprising of the following; postgraduate coordinators from each of the 5 departments, core team members and Dean Postgraduate. The Technical Committee conducts monthly meetings to ensure smooth implementation in all collaborating departments.

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee (TC) comprises mainly the postgraduate coordinators in the 5 departments within AquaFish ACE, and some additional individuals. This committee will mainly ensure that students have enough time with their supervisors and also that quarterly meetings between student and supervisory team are being done in order to ensure students graduate on time

The TC consolidates the information related to the project progress, implementation and achievement of outcomes with regular monitoring of the indicators. The TC coordinates the annual review of the results based on implementation progress report to be submitted annually by institutions Offices Constituting: LUANAR procurement office, Aqua Fish ACE site Coordinators, ACE project Coordinator.

Project Steering Committee

A Project Steering Committee (PSC) with membership from all key partner institutions guide the AquaFish ACE II’s implementation process. The project operates on the basis of yearly work plans and budgets which will be reviewed after six months by the PSC and then reported to the National Steering Committee but also at the same time to the World Bank and Regional facilitation Unit (RFU hosted by Inter University Council for East Africa, IUCEA).

Offices Constituting:

  • LUANAR procurement office
  • Aqua Fish ACE site Coordinators
  • ACE project Coordinator

Includes ACE II project point persons from MALDECO,Soyabean Innovation Lab (SIL), world fish,RUFORUM,University of Eldoret