Welcome to Natural Resources College

In 1969 the Ministry of Agriculture established a Natural Resources College (NRC) to provide certificate level training for technical assistance in the field of agriculture for the Ministry.

The College was built on land, which belonged to Colby College, which was built in 1956. In 1979 the Government of Malawi got assistance from

the Government of Canada through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) to develop the NRC. The first enrolment of students under NRC was in 1983.In 1999 the Malawi Government directed that the NRC should be turned into a semi-autonomous institution. On 8th August 2001, the NRC was registered as a Public Trust under the Trustees Incorporation Act of 1962.

Under the new legal framework, the NRC broadened its training spectrum to embrace agricultural, environmental and Natural Resources Management.

On 14th December, 2014, the NRC was integrated into LUANAR, following the dissolution of the Public Trust, to become the second university campus.

# Programme Department Years of Study Admission Requirements
1 Diploma in Irrigation Technology Natural Resources 3 MSCE/IGCSE
2 Diploma in Agro Food Processing Agriculture 3 MSCE/IGCSE
3 Bachelor of Science in Food Technology Agriculture 4 MSCE/IGCSE
4 Diploma in Agriculture Education Agriculture 3 MSCE/IGCSE
5 Diploma in Animal Health and Production Agriculture 3 MSCE/IGCSE
6 Diploma in Environmental Management Natural Resources 3 MSCE/IGCSE
7 Diploma in Land Administration Natural Resources 3 MSCE/IGCSE
8 Diploma in Agriculture Agriculture 3 MSCE/IGCSE
9 Diploma in Horticulture Agriculture 3 MSCE/IGCSE
10 Diploma in Food, Nutrition and Livelihood Security Agriculture 3 MSCE/IGCSE
11 Diploma in Irrigation Technology Natural Resources 3 MSCE/IGCSE