28 Feb, 2017

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Dr Changaya Banda planting his tree
Bunda college graduating class of 1992 on Saturday 25 February, 2017 visited Khombe primary school which is close to LUANAR Bunda campus for a tree planting exercise.

Speaking at the function the Acting Vice Chancellor for LUANAR Professor Emmanuel Kaunda thanked the Bunda alumni for the initiative.

He said the community around the University should indeed benefit from the who graduated from the institution and that schools near the University should be different from other schools saying for this to happen, it requires well thoughtful minds like those of the Bunda 1992 graduates.

In his remarks, the group’s leader Dr. Albert Changaya Banda one of the alumni, they had planned for so many projects but prioritized on the tree planting exercise which in line with the nation’s tree planting campaign and the time being the rainy season. The one thousand trees planted comprised of fruit trees and indigenous trees.“Khombe primary school was chosen because it is near Bunda College, an institution we had obtained knowledge from. We would have gone anywhere else but we decide to start with Bunda community as charity begins at home” added Dr. Banda.

Another notable activity during the visit was a motivation talk targeting girls by one of the 1992 female Bunda alumni Ms. Mphatso Nyekanyeka. She encouraged that the girls to work hard to succeed in their studies to contribute to the development of the nation.

Ms. Nyekanyeka urged chiefs, teachers, and parents to encourage girls to go to school the same way they do with boys.

“Girls are not meant to be in the kitchen or obligated to do domestic work while boys go to school. Girls should say no to forced early marriages. If I was not focused I could not have been educated by now” emphasized Nyekanyeka.

The Bunda 1992 alumni pledged to support the school in various ways depending on further consultations with the school management. Two possible options arose; the alumni could help with the roofing of one of the school blocks which was blown off by wind, or construct a staff room and a headmaster’s office.

Besides the tree planting exercise, the Bunda alumni also donated assorted items to the school including student’s notebooks, teachers teaching materials, bibles, soccer balls and many more. The donations were said to be a token of appreciation of what God has done for the alumni, as such the alumni decided to give back what they had taken from the Bunda community.

Written by: Gracious Chimbalanga.