Master of Science in Environmental Forestry

Semesters of Study
Years of Study
Entry Requirements


1 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
Forestry Seminar I (FOR510)10.50
Forest Growth and Modelling (FOR517)13.00
Climate Change Mitigation through Agriculture, Forest and Other Land Uses (AFOLU) (FOR513)13.00
Environment and Climate change science (NRM511)13.00
Geographic Information System Applications in Natural Resources Management (FOR516)12.50
Forestry and Rural Development (FOR512)13.00
Environment, Silva-Carbon and Trading (FOR515)13.00
Remote Sensing and Image Processing (FOR525)22.00
Research Methodologies (NRM524)24.00
Forest Economics and Marketing (FOR511)23.00
Integrated Forest Protection (FOR518)23.00
Energy, Plantations and Biofuels (FOR528)23.00
Advanced Socio-Economic Aspects of Agroforestry (AGF522)23.00
Forest Ecophysiology (FOR514)23.00
Forest Management Planning (FOR523)23.00
Energy Environment and climate change (NRM521)24.00
Ecosystems Functions and Services (FOR527)23.00
Agroforestry Technologies and Practices (AGF511)23.00
Climate Change and Forestry Monitoring and Policies (FOR522)23.00
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (ENV522)22.50
Land Use / Land Use Change and Forests ( LULUCF ) Monitoring (FOR526)23.00
Forestry Seminar II (FOR520)20.50
Tree Genetic Resources and Improvement (FOR530)22.00
Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition (CSS502)23.00

2 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
Forestry Thesis Proposal (FOR598)13.00
Forestry Thesis Report (FOR599)27.00