Master of Science in Aquaculture

Semesters of Study
Years of Study
Entry Requirements


1 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
Aquaculture Seminar I (AQC510)10.50
Fish Health and Welfare Management (AQC513)13.00
Fisheries and Aquaculture policy and Planning (FIS511)12.50
Aquaculture Business Management (AQC516)13.00
Fish Physiology and Bioenergetics (AQC512)13.50
Aquaculture production Systems (AQC515)13.50
Biostatistics and Research Methods (AQC511)13.00
Water Quality Analysis and Management (AQC514)13.00
Fisheries Value Chains and Marketing (FIS517)23.00
Aquaculture Seminar II (AQC520)20.50
Aquaculture Engineering (AQC528)23.00
Fish Genetics and Biotechnology (AQC524)23.00
Fish Reproduction and Endocrinology (AQC527)23.00
Project Development and Management (FIS522)23.00
Integrated Agriculture Aquaculture Systems (AQC523)23.00
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (ENV522)22.50
Fish Breeding and Hatchery Management (AQC526)23.00
Fish Quality Management (FIS521)23.00
Fish Nutrition and Feed Technology (AQC522)23.50
Intensive Aquaculture Production Technologies (AQC529)23.00
Instrumentation in Fish Nutrition (AQC525)23.50