Master of Science in Animal Science

Semesters of Study
Years of Study
Entry Requirements


1 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
Advanced Animal Nutrition (ANS511)13.00
Biometry I (BSC512)13.00
Current and Emerging Issues in Livestock Production (ANS516)12.00
Animal Science MSc. Seminar I (ANS510)10.50
Applied Biochemistry (BSC511)13.00
Advanced Animal Physiology (ANS513)13.00
Strategic Agribusiness Management (ABM514)12.50
Quantitative Genetics (ANS512)13.00
Applied Animal Breeding (ANS525)23.00
Biometry II (BSC522)23.00
Animal Science MSc. Seminar II (ANS520)20.50
Livestock Production System and Policies (ANS528)22.00
Instrumentation and Research Methods in Animal Nutrition (ANS524)23.00
Biotechnology in Animal Breeding (ANS527)22.00
Ecosystems Functions and Services (FOR527)23.00
Advanced Pasture and Range Management (ANS522)23.00
Animal Genetic Resources Management (ANS526)22.00
Comparative Agriculture and Information Systems (EXT521)23.00
Advanced Animal Health (ANS521)23.00
Animal Draught Power (ANS529)22.00

2 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
MSc Research (ANS500)210.00