Master of Science in Agribusiness Management

Semesters of Study
Years of Study
Entry Requirements


1 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
Quantitative Agribusiness Management Techniques (ABM512)12.50
Managerial Economics (ABM515)12.00
Advanced Financial Accounting (ABM511)13.00
Microeconomics (AAE511)13.00
Strategic Agribusiness Management (ABM514)12.50
Strategic Marketing Management (ABM513)12.00
Management Information Systems (ABM516)12.50
Advanced Managerial Accounting (ABM521)23.00
Macroeconomics (AAE521)23.00
International Agricultural Trade and Policy (ABM524)22.50
Agribusiness MSc. Seminar II (ABM520)20.50
Industrial Relations (ABM528)23.00
Agribusiness Operations Management (ABM523)22.50
Research Methods for Social Scientists (AAE524)23.00
Agribusiness MSc. Seminar I (ABM520)20.50
Strategic Human Resource Management (ABM527)23.00
Agribusiness Finance (ABM522)22.00
Econometrics (AAE522)23.00
Business Law (ABM526)23.00

2 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
Agribusiness Thesis Proposal (ABM598)13.00
Agribusiness MSc. Seminar I (ABM510)20.50
Agribusiness Thesis Report (ABM599)27.00