Diploma in Gender and Development

Semesters of Study
Years of Study
Entry Requirements


1 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
Principals of Adult Education (DGD118)12.50
Biology I (BIO011)11.50
Introduction to Sociology (EXT122)12.00
Introduction to Gender Studies (DGD116)12.00
Foundations in Food and Nutrition (NFS012)13.50
Chemistry I (CHE011)12.00
Mathematics 1 (MAT011)11.50
Introduction to Computer Applications (CAP011)12.00
Language and Communication Skills (LDC011)13.00
Demography and Economic Development (DGD217)22.00
Gender, Human Rights and Governance (DGD213)22.50
Introduction to Social Work (DGD216)22.00
Introduction to Food Selection, Preparation and Management (DGD212)22.00
Introduction to Perspectives in Human Development (DGD215)22.00
Action Research I (DGD210)22.00
Gender and Development (DGD218)22.00
Gender, HIV and Reproductive Health (DGD214)22.00
Practicum (DGD310)33.00

2 Year

Course Name Semester Credit Hours
Nutrition for Vulnerable Groups (DGD211)12.50
Introduction to Agricultural Economics (AAE102)12.00
Mathematics II (MAT023)11.50
Principles of Community Development (DGD126)12.00
Statistics and Computing (MAT021)13.00
Chemistry II (CHE022)12.00
Biology II (BIO021)11.50
Working with People in their Communities (DGD226)23.50
Introduction to Gender and Communication (DGD222)22.00
Sustainable Development and Environmental Issues (DGD225)22.50
Introduction to Social Research Methods (DGD221)23.50
Introduction to Human Resource Management (DGD224)22.00
Action Research II (DGD220)23.00
Introduction to Food Processing Preservation and Storage (DGD223)23.50
Action Research III (DGD320)33.00