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    About the Department

    This is the youngest department at LUANAR and was only started in October 2015. The department focuses on training of the second year students enrolled in the DVM program. It is the key unit in the University that is offering training on all the disease causing pathogens in the veterinary realm and is therefore the core of veterinary professional training. The department is comprised of three key disciplinary divisions including; Veterinary Parasitology, Veterinary Pathology and Veterinary Microbiology. The Parasitology section is offering students training in the arrears of entomology, protozoology and helminthology. In all these the areas students acquire tangible knowledge on the biology of disease causing vectors, their life cycles as well as diagnostics.
    In the Microbiology section the students obtain tailored practical oriented training in infectious microbial disease causing organisms including viruses, bacteria as well as fungal pathogens incorporated in the operational modules; virology, bacteriology and mycology. The Pathology Division on the other hand is another laboratory based section that offers students training geared towards understanding the various mechanisms through which different disease causing organisms cause disease and death in animals. All these key divisions of the veterinary pathobiology department are meant to offer core foundational laboratory based training on all the disease causing agents in the livestock sector. The rest of the future clinical training in the DVM program will feed into and refer back to the skills acquired from this department. The Veterinary Pathobiology Department (VPB) at LUANAR is yet at its infancy and is actively building its capacity to offer its mandate. As it grows, VPB, is partnering with the Central Veterinary Laboratory (CVL), Lilongwe, and THE Center for Tocks and Tick-borne Diseases (CTTBD), Lilongwe, particularly in the areas of practical training of the students in the DVM program.

    Prof. Melaku Tefera

    Head of Department

    Miss. Getrude Mfune


    Mrs. Hilda Banda

    Office Assistant