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    Luanar ICT Department is committed in ensuring production of graduates with skills for entrepreneurship, agricultural growth, food security, wealth creation and sustainable natural resources management, through teaching, training, research, outreach, consultancy and sound management, by institutionalising modern information & communication technologies.

    The following are the Objectives that aim at guiding the Department to achieve its mission:

    • to encourage the advancement, dissemination and commercialization of research using information and communication technology
    • to promote industrial growth through research and dissemination of knowledge and skills using information and communication technology
    • to develop into an institution of excellence in teaching, learning, training, Information Communication Technology (ICT), e-learning and research in science, technology and biotechnology
    • to establish and support science and technology innovation centres of excellence for industrial production and manufacturing of value-added agricultural and natural resource products
    • to develop partnerships with relevant industries for the generation, transfer, adoption and application of technologies using information and communication technology

    In order to achieve its focus of providing Information Systems that supports decision making and ensuring speed delivery of services within the university and the world, Luanar ICT undertakes the following functions:

    • Development of software for academic use
    • Management of University's ICT equipments and infrastracture
    • Provision of technical support to academic events when needed
    • Management and administration of University's both wireless and cable network